July 27, 2022

Announcing our $4.9 million round & ways it will grow the Wren community

When we started Wren, we knew we’d need to raise investment to attract the best engineers, designers, researchers, and marketers in the world to maximize our impact.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest fundraise!

Earlier this year we raised a $4.9MM round from Adjacent, with continuing support from Union Square Ventures and LocalGlobe. Now with this investment (2 years after our first major fundraise), we have the resources we need to unlock the next stage of growth.

With this funding, we’ll be able to:

Find and fund even better climate solutions

We already have a high bar for the carbon offset projects and climate solutions we fund, but we can do an even better job with more dedicated resources to evaluate projects. This new funding lets us hire experts and work with partners to ensure we’re only funding the most effective projects.

To start, we’ve expanded our Wren Climate Portfolio to include non-carbon offset projects, including Carbon180 and the Clean Air Task Fund. You can learn more about them in our latest project update.

Grow our reach faster

Over the past year, hundreds of youtube creators have partnered with Wren to share how to take action on climate change. This funding allows us to continue scaling those partnerships and accelerate our exploration of other marketing channels that will help us get millions more people engaged with climate solutions.

You can keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram.

Boost the impact of our community

Right now we make it very easy to calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by funding key climate solutions. We also have features that help you figure out how to reduce your carbon footprint, and what other actions you can take to help with climate change.

This additional funding lets us build out our team to spend more time creating content and product features that make it easier for you to act on the climate crisis.

What’s next

Our mission is to help end the climate crisis.

More and more people are wondering how they can help with climate change, but it’s overwhelming to figure out what you as an individual can do. Wren helps cut through the noise to figure out the best ways you can have an impact.

Right now, Wren makes it easy to calculate your carbon footprint, figure out how to reduce it, and fund the best climate solutions from tree planting and rainforest protection to biochar and carbon removal technologies. But this is just the start—there are dozens (hundreds?) of things you can do to help with the climate crisis and we want to help you do as many as you can.

It will take time to build out tools that help millions of people do more about the climate crisis. Different people have different lifestyles, means, and backgrounds that shape how they want to help. While we’re starting in a small niche to help people fund the most impactful climate solutions, we’ll need to keep investing in our team to grow our impact.

This is why we chose to be a Public Benefit Corporation and not a 501c3 nonprofit—so we could take the investment we need in order to build a lasting, ambitious organization.

We’re thankful to have the right partners for this vision: Albert Wenger and the USV team launched a $162M fund investing in key climate solutions. Nico Wittenborn from Adjacent brings years of experience with impactful consumer subscription companies, seeing the likes of Calm, Co-Star, and Clue grow.

This is just the start of our journey, and we’re more excited than ever to keep pushing forward. To anyone who has ever supported Wren in any way, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you :)

And as always, thank you for your support.
— the Wren team 🧡


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