April 3, 2023

An update to the Wren Climate Portfolio (Apr. 2023)

Every few months, we update the Wren Climate Portfolio that subscribers (like yourself) support, to ensure you're always funding the best climate solutions possible. This does not change your subscription price and there's no action required, except to read on if you're curious.

In December, Wren added Refrigerant Destruction to our portfolio, to destroy harmful refrigerants that would otherwise be released into the air. We are so excited about the impact of refrigerant destruction that we are adding a second project partner to this initiative—A-Gas.

Refrigerant Destruction is growing with a new partner:

  • ❄️ Refrigerant DestructionWe've brought on a new partner, A-Gas, to complement our existing refrigerant destruction project partner, Tradewater. This will allow us to fund the destruction of two different types of refrigerants—hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

A-Gas is pioneering the destruction of HCFC-22, and the first batch will be 100% funded by Wren members. This is only possible thanks to you—that's cool.

HCFC-22 is 1,760 times more potent than CO₂ and is used in refrigerant and air conditioning systems worldwide. HCFC production was recently banned in many countries, but these chemicals can be recovered and resold in the United States. A-Gas prevents the re-use of these toxic gases by destroying them—removing supply from circulation and pushing the market towards more eco-friendly options.

Portfolio allocations have changed:

To accommodate our new partnership, the Wren Climate Portfolio's funding allocations have changed. You can find the new allocations below:

As always, thank you for your continued support.
The Wren Team 🧡


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