December 16, 2022

An update to the Wren Climate Portfolio (Dec. 2022)

Every few months, Wren updates the Wren Climate Portfolio that subscribers (like yourself) support, to ensure you're always funding the best climate solutions possible. This does not change your subscription price, and there's no user action required, except to read onward if you are curious.

A new project joins the portfolio:

  • ❄️ Refrigerant Destruction This project permanently destroys harmful refrigerants that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, fighting global warming and helping to restore the planet's ozone layer.

Based on our research, we believe refrigerant destruction is one of the highest-quality, most impactful, and lowest-cost carbon offset methods available. An independent review of our partner, Tradewater, found their carbon credits to be highly-credible and directly result in a reduction of atmospheric GHG.

Portfolio allocations have changed:

To accommodate our new Refrigerant Destruction project, the Wren Climate Portfolio's funding allocations have changed. You can find the new allocations below:

As always, thank you for your continued support 🧡
the Wren team


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